Chances are you’re wondering if you need a self-care consultation.

Whether your reasons for a self-care consultation are pro-active or reactive
we’re happy to guide you on your journey to living a healthier, happier and
more fulfilling life!

We’ve compiled a list of 30 reasons you might be contemplating a self-care
consultation that will hopefully help you make a decision.
30 Reasons For A Self-Care Consultation

  1. You’re a new parent
  2. To reduce and manage stress
  3. In a toxic relationship
  4. Feeling stuck in your career
  5. Living paycheck to paycheck
  6. Taking a pro-active approach to health and wellness
  7. Just graduated highschool and heading to college
  8. Diagnosed with a chronic illness
  9. No savings
  10. Lack of self esteem
  11. Lack of self confidence
  12. Recently divorced or going through a break up
  13. You’re grieving
  14. Trying to balance work and life
  15. Non-supportive family
  16. You don’t have a support system
  17. Self-care feels selfish to you
  18. To reach financial goals
  19. Self Preservation
  20. Struggling to identify or accomplish goals
  21. Career is at a standstill
  22. You’re energy is depleted
  23. You neglect yourself by doing for others
  24. Stressed by debt
  25. To focus on physical, occupational, financial, emotional, and social wellness
  26. You tend to isolate
  27. You work in a stressful environment
  28. You’re a single parent
  29. Give this service as a gift
  30. You’re caring for aging parents

This isn’t an exhaustive list but should be helpful in helping you determine whether this service is right for you.